NJ Home Services

    Southern-nj-chimney-caps-installedCHIMNEY CAP INSTALLS

    We can order and install all metal styles in addition to various chimney cap measurements from standard 9×9, 9×13 or 13×13 to more complex dimensions. With small black 9×9 caps product plus installed for only $99, it is a great additional protection for your chimney flue to block debris plus animal deterrent mainly in winter months. If the 13×13 black chimney cap is your size it runs $125 installed with product. We also carry stainless steel chimney caps with 9×9 for $120 and the 13×13 running $160 with cap and labor included. We also can special order copper chimney caps for a beautiful look with the 9×9 starting at $310 or the 13×13 starting price of $345 with a few higher end design choices also available.



    southern-nj-dryervents-cleanerDRYER VENT CLEANINGS

    Maintaining yearly dryer vent clean outs is like breathing fresh air back into the line helping to make your dryer performance more effecient but also reduce risk in a dryer fire starting in the first place from compacted heated lint trapped within the lines. Our team cleans the line, the back of the unit and all the way out to the homes exterior dryer vent exhaust trap. Some homes have small runs while others longer so prices vary depending on the current dryer location as well as the dryer vent exhaust location outside. We also inspect the line to ensure it is the latest up to code fire safe line aluminum in color plus the exterior vent area where customers sometimes prefer adding vent covers to prevent animals from nesting. Prices range $55 to $150 depending on above variable scenarios by using our NJ Home Services.



    southern-nj-pressure-washing-cleanerPRESSURE WASHING

    Let us bid on your next pressure washing job in South Jersey. We also offer 15% OFF if you are an existing gutter cleaning customer or when scheduled during any gutter jobs. Whether you are trying to get years of wear off of your front brick pavers or your sidewalk could using a nice powerful cleaning, we can get the job done. Our pressure washing team handles one and two story house siding pressure wash jobs weekly and we can usually get you setup within a few days depending on your size project. We also handle fence pressure washing projects renewing both vinyl and wood fencing cleaning one or both sides depending on your needs. If you want to just pressure wash gutter exterior for a nice cleaning then we charge $1 Linear FT.



    southern-nj-roof-ice-dams-cleanerROOF ICE DAM CLEARING

    When an ice dam gets big enough, melted water backs up behind it and seeps underneath the shingles. Eventually, it will drip into the insulation and down into the ceilings and exterior walls beneath the eave, ruining sheetrock and paint. If the ice dam breaks free, it can pull shingles and gutters off with it, and it will damage anything it falls on: shrubs, windowsills, cars, pets, and people. If the roof sheathing stays wet, it can form mildew and start to rot. Our NJ Home Services Team clears the roof between 3-5 FT from roof gutters edge back all the way around to help melt issues plus reduce weight on your roof. Additionally, we could be hired to remove all snow on the roof by spending a little more. Rates are $2.50 FT for 3 FT roof depth Up to 12 Inches of snow or $4 FT for 5 FT roof depth. A brine solution can also be placed with advanced notice and takes 3-4 days to de-ice for an added cost of $.90 FT for solutions product.



    southern-nj-snow-blowers-shovelersSNOW SHOVELERS & BLOWING

    We offer snow blowing removal contracts and snow shoveling services maintenance plans if you need some manpower during or after a snow storm in South Jersey. We have walk behind snow throwers and backpack blowers for walks in addition to a variety of them old fashioned things called snow shovels. Depending on the environment and weather conditions we would use whatever deemed needed to perform the job top notch for our customers. Whether the property is your full time home, a second vacation spot or a real estate investment your need to stay up on for township codes, our snow cleanup crews are on call ready to handle your property snow clean up needs. Even if you need a one time snow shovel job, give us a call to see if we can get you in the schedule.



    southern-nj-weeding-yard-cleanupWEEDING & YARD CLEANUP

    Weeding your flower beds to get them back in order, our team can be hired for hourly packages to cleanup areas in the yard that you haven’t been able to get to. Doing a spring or fall yard cleanup to bag or blow to curb your leves for township pickups. We also handling other landscaping tasks from edging the property outline to pruning back hedges or small bushes. Some customers hire us to create custom flower beds depending on their requests. Most customers try our Starter 3 Hr Labor Plan for $125 while others get the 9 Hr Labor Plan for $365 knowing they have a large amount of yard tasks or debris to get cleaned up. We can normally get a team to you within 48-72 hours if not sooner during priority requests, call our NJ Home Services company today.